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Commercial Brokers Association 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED CBA Form PS1A Purchase Sale Agreement Rev. 1/2011 Page 1 of 13 COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT REAL ESTATE PURCHASE SALE AGREEMENT This has been prepared for submission to your attorney for review and approval prior to signing. No representation is made by licensee as to its sufficiency or tax consequences Reference Date Buyer agrees to buy and Seller agrees to sell on the following terms the commercial real estate and all improvements thereon...
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We are gonna start with contracts by my partner Brent Cohen Brent is one of our founding members who formed the firm with Fred Otis 15 years ago this year we'll be celebrating an anniversary and a little over a month I think he is licensed to practice in Colorado Arizona and hopefully sometime soon in North Dakota he was recently appointed the secretary treasurer of the business law section of the Colorado Bar Association which is the State Bar for lawyers his practice focuses on corporate real estate and finance transactions as well as oil and gas I just had the pleasure of watching him present at the annual real estate symposium that the Colorado Bar puts on up in the mountains for over 400 lawyers and based on that I can tell you you really are in for a treat this morning so please help me welcome my partner Brent Cohen all right well thank you Jennifer certainly I want to thank all of our sponsors as well it's terrific to have some support from other industry professionals I want to thank everyone as well for attending hopefully I'll get a chance to visit with all of you and shake your hand before the events over but this doesn't work if we don't have people attending so we appreciate that so I've told a few of you you know don't expect to be entertained hopefully we can enlighten you in some way share some information that you didn't have before and it can be a learning opportunity for you some of these topics are not easy to make entertaining but we'll do our best my topics obviously commercial real estate contracts and in your materials you'll find an outline of really that follows the slide show but it's in an outline format instead of a paper format I found that to be a little easier to present this information this year you'll find multiple appendices attached the first one is a reference to a bunch of statutes that are real estate oriented that may be a good reference point for you to start if you're trying to solve a you know whether there's a statutory reference for a real estate issue and we have a couple of real estate commission approved forms that show the proposed modifications that would be effective January 1 2014 if they're adopted we then have the sellers disclosure statements a set of reps and warranties that you can use you'll find a laundry list of reps and warranties in the outline as well and then finally at the end is the PowerPoint the slides for the PowerPoint so if you prefer to follow along there that's where you'll find that but you know I think probably several of you attended last year and heard Jennifer's presentation on alter egos how many how many attended last year so you you may or may not remember alter egos but I'm going to expose an alter ego this morning and and then when move into the outline many of you know Dan and Dan Jones has presented with me the last couple of years Dan Jones opted not to present this year because he's so busy with just client matters he also writes two columns for two...
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